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Staying true to our corporate purpose to be changemakers, we commit to outstanding corporate governance and values driven behaviour. It is our pathway to building an ethical work culture, long-term sustainable value, effective control mechanisms and compliance with laws and regulations. Our core value system, the MAS DNA, is inherited from our founder members who have built and nurtured this organisation and are the force that drive our Code of Conduct.

Our sincerity in exemplary governance is reflected across our leadership, starting from our apex governing body, the MAS Holdings Board. The Board works collaboratively and in consultation with the Apparel and Innovations Boards and management to develop long-term strategies aligned distinctly with the organisation's Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values. Strong oversight is exercised by the Board to drive meticulous execution and strong operational performance. Our Audit Committee provides independent and objective advise on the adequacy of the management’s arrangements on governance, risk management and control processes.

At MAS, it is imperative that everything we do as an organisation to create value for our stakeholders is aligned with that which is good for our environment, our society and our employees. This is the core of MAS' Plan for Change, a long-term commitment to our planet, people and products.

We encourage you to learn more about our commitment to good corporate governance by reading through the sections on our Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values.