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To spin a culture of innovation; the secret sauce?

All we know about the now – is that it is ever changing. So we created a place to harness this unspoken need. Innovation is where technology meets marketing and financiers meet consumers. Where the diversity of Bartenders and Lab-coats meet to ignite first-in-world concepts. With the environment that nurtures this free-thinking, and a culture that drives collaboration and respectful sparring: We believe a common thread of entrepreneurism, passion, and hunger for the new is core in everyone who works with us. Open seating where Chief Executives sit alongside staff drives approachability and breaks the bounds of hierarchy. Flexi-hours, no-ties policy, no cubicles - Ours is a place to Innovate.

When wires meet yarn and the magic is in the material

To cultivate technology into apparel, it takes Engineering of differing domains advanced enough to morph and modify the formation of the material. We create function out of regular apparel so that it provides that much more to the user. We use coloration and additives in unique methodologies that shift what we know as materials today. We use novel and new approaches to machines that will supersede the traditional means of piecing a garment together; all while paying heed to the environment.

Open your eyes to the world and you will look past all that you knew

We use open innovation to bring closer to home the knowledge the world offers. We work with some of the world’s best experts and partners, playing in the realms of the giants of technology. Connecting our Entrepreneurs with the brightest minds and the most novel start ups is the driving force that can take to market the next generation of apparel, and change the very norm of what we know to be apparel.

We can only excel when our ecosystems propel us

We believe that surrounding ourselves with experts, universities, advisors, and startups provides differing elements to drive our cause. Our connects brings us the knowledge of the now and a solid sense of where we ought to be. The HIVE @ Foster Lane is a buzzing array of thought and Ideas – giving employees and community constant exposure; we create the space for the best in Industry to meet the best in Art exposing the organization to different perspectives and drive cognitive diversity.

Our investments:

To fuel our innovative hunger and to diversify our portfolio into adjacencies, we have invested in the following startups: