Chief Executive Officer - MAS Kreeda

Sarinda, or better known as Sari, is a full-time ‘change agent’ who believes progressive thinking, passion, and crazy ideas are an essential part of life – whether personal or professional. He also leads the MAS Group’s Environmental Sustainability efforts and sits on the Board of Biodiversity Sri Lanka - roles he believes are more of a passion than a job. Prior to his current appointment, Sari was the CEO of Linea Aqua, a joint venture between MAS, Speedo International, and Brandot International.

When Sarinda is not finding ways to bring innovation to manufacturing, you will find him in the jungle, absorbed in his love for wildlife and photography.

Sarinda believes in engaging in any activity with a greater purpose and is a Trustee of The Colors of Courage Trust, through which he co-founded TRAIL in 2016, a national movement in aid of cancer. He is also a Trustee of the ‘The Wheels for Wheels Foundation’ – the organisers of “Around the Pearl” to promote awareness on Cerebral Palsy.

His favorite thought - Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, people can change the world.