Ivan Brown

Chief Executive Officer - MAS ACME ​

With over 37 years of industry experience, Ivan is recognised for his expertise in building revenue and sustainable business growth in startups, turnarounds and rapid change environments. Ivan joined MAS in 2006 as a Divisional Manager and Director of Manufacturing Systems Excellence at MAS Active. He was responsible for the renovation and alignment of MAS Activeline and the Implementation of Divisional MOS, Compliance, Quality Assurance and Technical functions.​

In 2007, Ivan was made CEO of ICPL in Bangalore, India and CEO of MAS Active Linea Intimo in 2008. As Director Operations Development in 2012, Ivan was pivotal in the establishment of MAS Fabrics and MAS Active Vaanavil. Ivan also served as CEO at MAS Matrix from 2013, where he played a key role in the inception of Matrix as an advanced knit technology centre. In 2020, Ivan was appointed to his present role at MAS ACME in North Carolina, USA.​

A solid senior executive with a proven track record of achieving revenue, profit and sustainable business growth, Ivan is known for his expertise in offshore manufacturing, knitting and sewing operations, quality assurance, as well as performance and efficiency monitoring.​