Our performance wear is constructed with engineered warp knit fabric designed with reflective yarn using 24 and 28 gauge machines that can create multiple textured effects within a single fabric. They are lightweight and breathable with AOP designed to enhance comfort. Reflective embellishments together with UV and hydro-chromic colour shifting, reflective and lenticular prints further enhance the apparel’s aesthetics. These products utilise muscle mapping technology for support and reflective swoosh designs to increase the safety of runners during the dark, avoiding road accidents.

Muscle mapping technology

Muscle mapped zonal print designs provide muscle support while reducing muscle oscillation and are strategically placed to support the wearer in targeted zones, enhancing performance​ and reducing physical vulnerabilities.

Reflective Silicone Design

Reflective engineered silicone design on the leg and sleeves improves blood circulation through compression, providing added safety with an aesthetic appearance. The 2 Silicone 2 ply bonded engineered waistband on leggings helps the garment remain in place during performance with no riding up or rolling down.

Performance Leggings

Lightweight, stretchable leggings are designed to enable maximum flexibility with mesh side detailing as an added stylistic element. Leggings made of engineered knit with seamless texture blockings and no outer side seams enable free movement, with closer to skin knit providing maximum support.


Base layer tops and bottoms use seam-soft thread to increase the soft feel of a garment, so it can be worn and experienced as next-to-skin. The sublimation techniques and engineered seamless fabric (Jacquard) is integrated into the garment, enhancing its style and aesthetics. The double-dart adjustments to the base layer leggings increases the comfort and its stretchability. Thermal supporting fabrics, both hyper cool and warm, retain the body’s warmth. Our DRI-FIT (DRI - Functional Innovative Technology) has been utilised for enhanced moisture management, allowing the garment to absorb perspiration rapidly.


Our tank tops are constructed with engineered knit performance fabric, complete with reflective details. The aero-reactive tops integrate DRI - Functional Innovative Technology (DRI-FIT) for enhanced moisture management, allowing the garment to absorb perspiration rapidly. Our range of crop, cross-back, racer back, backless, and adjustable tank tops are engineered for diverse functionalities with elevated style.