Women across the world, suffer from varying degrees of pain during their menstruation cycle. From general discomfort to severe cramps, women search for solutions to overcome pain associated with menstruation. While heat is known to relieve the pain, a majority of solutions in the market are bulky, not reusable and cannot be controlled by the consumers for the desired heating level. We have innovated products with patent pending technology to tackle these issues, so we can take care of the pain.


Period pain bands have been designed to help manage period cramp pain experience by 80% of women during their life. It is a seamless, wearable and washable heating band. The level and duration of the heat can be controlled by the user and is rechargeable with a USB cable. The device is portable, not bulky and is easily concealed under clothing, enabling the consumer to go about their daily activities with ease.


The period pain underwear is designed to provide thermal based relief from menstrual pain and discomfort. The garment is made from fabric-based active heating panels, created with the insertion of insulated wire into the underwear’s knit channels. The panels are positioned on the lower abdomen, a relief-receptive area of the body. The knit construction provides the aforementioned areas with support and zonal compression as well. Designed to be sleek and portable, the underwear can be worn under everyday clothing. Our innovative solution is powered by a rechargeable battery module with inbuilt, failsafe circuitry.