During pregnancy and postpartum, a woman’s body goes through numerous changes. We have innovated a range of products that assist the expectant and new mothers to embrace this experience with comfort.


During pregnancy, expectant mothers can go up to 2 cup or band sizes more than their usual size. Breast sizes also fluctuate after giving birth and while breast-feeding. Buying larger sized bras, only for a few months of wear, is a key pain point for mothers world over. Our stretch with you bra uses a high performance, high stretch engineered fabric that expands a couple of sizes and recovers back to a smaller size when needed. The bra acts as a comfortable, wire-free stretchable bra to be worn through both pregnancy and nursing, extending its usage. The bra works well with the new range of wearable breast pumps, which can be discreetly inserted into the bra, whilst maintaining its shape.


MAS’ patent pending absorbent moulded nursing pads and bras with a range of absorbency volumes, help manage the leakage of breast milk experienced by 75% of postpartum mothers. The anti-slip outer fabric offers a customisable gripping feature ensuring the pads do not move around in the bra. This product was one of the three finalists of the INDA RISE Innovation awards in 2020. The quick wicking layer leaves the wearer feeling dry while its core absorbs up to 30ml of liquid. The protective membrane makes the product 100% leakproof and breathable, ensuring that the outer garment does not get wet. Anti-microbial properties ensure that the product stays fresh and is odour free. Our 3D moulding technology provides the contoured shape to fit well within the bra, taking the shape of the breast and concealing it under clothing. The product is OEKO-TEX certified and can be machine washed and reused.


25% of mothers experience higher levels of vaginal discharge after the first trimester. Another 30% experience both vaginal discharge and urinary incontinence due to extra pressure on their bladder. To address this, we have engineered absorbent underwear for both, maternity and postpartum. The absorbent maternity underwear offers 20ml of protection against any leak, while being stretchable and comfortable, sitting under the stomach. Apart from absorbency, mothers prefer to wear high waist underwear that has some amount of compression, helping them get back into shape.