For many women, the changes they go through during menopause can be a difficult experience. Our team researched and engineered the patented Anti-Flush Technology™​TM to create an intelligent range of products that address night sweats and the three stages of hot flushes by regulating the body temperature to its original state.


Our range of products include sleep wear, shape wear, shorts, briefs, tank tops and relaxed fit leggings. They are clinically proven to keep the wearer feeling cooler and drier through night sweats and hot flushes. The technology is protected by patents and pending patent applications in certain territories. The Anti-Flush Technology™​ works in four ways. It cools the skin with silky, breathable fabrics made with flat thread knitted on a cross-section. This produces a bigger surface area to transfer heat and promote cooling. The products are lightweight, seamless and are cool to the touch. The technology wicks away the moisture, creating a unique coating within the fabric that reacts to sudden surges in body temperature. The fabric works to bring your temperature down by evaporating moisture away. The technology enables a second coating in the fabric to absorb and store heat from the skin surface during a hot flash or night sweat and releases it during the chill that follows. Our cooling fabric also controls odour while the anti-microbial finish acts as a barrier against bacteria present on the skin, immobilising odour and locking it in.