Building products around patient metric analysis, managing pain via thermal comfort, EMS - Electronic Muscle Stimulators, TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and respiration & sleep solutions.

Sleep & Respiration

Soft systems leveraging a combination of seamless integrated sensors and actuators, built for analysis and enhancement of sleep and respiration.

Pain Management

Non-invasive pain management solutions leveraging thermal regulation (heating and cooling) and feedback (TENS and EMS).

​ Remote Monitoring

We want to put the humanity back into healthcare, by developing a range of metric analysis solutions that will allow patients to spend more time outside the hospital.

Frequency Therapy

Our feedback suite contains three main technologies, Haptics, TENS, and EMS. Our seamlessly integrated haptic system is extremely versatile and has seen use-cases ranging from vibration for posture correction, tactile feedback to the creation of immersive devices.​