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'Lives Made Better' involves empowering all those in our ecosystem to thrive with dignity. In ensuring this, we will continue to maximize the well-being, health and consciousness of all our stakeholders – including our employees, their families and the community – through continuous engagement and collaboration.

Stemming from MAS’s sustainability vision, we have clear direction in terms of how we should impact our stakeholders. From a social sustainability perspective, “Lives Made Better” provides a clear mandate on the intended positive impact. Within this space, MAS has four focus areas with specific outcomes to be met by 2025.

Diversity at Work

Diversity has many facets, and MAS believes in being as inclusive as possible in this sphere. Our aspirational goal for 2025 is to be a non-discriminatory employer in terms of age and impairment across our company, with a 1:1 gender ratio in management positions.

A Global Employer of Choice

As one of the categories under Lives Made Better, “Global employer of choice” is of significant importance to MAS as it ventures to extend its global footprint. Currently operational in 15 countries, MAS believes that its future growth lies in how we remain people focused. This is the rationale behind why MAS hopes to be a global employer of choice, with specific initiatives that have been identified to achieve this status by 2025.

Thriving Communities

We at MAS believe being a good corporate citizen is just as important as being a strength to the communities around us and the country. Being an active, caring and contributing member of society has been inculcated in the MAS culture since inception. Most of our community-centred initiatives are conducted by empowering those at our strategic business units and divisions to assess the requirements in their communities.

We also proud to be the first point of call for supporting large community-centred initiatives and causes, some which have continued over several years, proving that MAS extends assistance beyond our immediate communities to the nation at large.

Aligned to the United Nation’s SDGs our initiatives spread across six themes which are Education, Health, Sports, Local connect, Nation mindedness and Environment.

Beyond Compliance and Standards

MAS has always been an advocate of global best practices. In furthering our current standards and with the intention of creating a unique standard above all, MAS has committed to look into the ILO conventions, our overall Health and Safety standards in building an ethos of constantly looking beyond simple compliance.