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The entrepreneurial and innovative DNA of MAS has always driven us to seek and create valuable and mutually beneficial partnerships. These strategic partnerships have forged new discoveries for us and our partners. Our relentless pursuit of operational excellence and our proven track record in the global apparel arena has given us the opportunity to build strong relationships with other industry leaders.

Our relationships, above all, are based on mutual understanding, trust and steadfast business ethics.

Our Partners

  • EME Holdings, S.A de C.V, Mexico
  • Groupo Deal, S.A de C.V, Mexico
  • Hogwarts Ltd, HK
  • Ling Chee Yan, Samuel, HK
  • MAST Industries, Inc, USA
  • NIKE Inc, USA
  • NSL Infratech (Pvt) Ltd, India
  • Prym Intimates Group Ltd, HK
  • Regina Pacific Investment Ltd, Mauritius
  • Speedo International Ltd, UK
  • Stretchline (UK) Ltd, UK
  • Infor Foreign Investments LLC
  • Triumph International Overseas Ltd, HK
  • HIF Logistics (Private) Limited (Hellmann Worldwide Logistics)