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Sport is an intrinsic part of MAS culture. As a company MAS has been consistent in its support of individuals with active sporting careers as well as those who have the potential to be successful sportspeople. They have created opportunities for rural, underprivileged youth to rise to global fame through sports. MAS supports sporting talent in the communities it operates in - rural hamlets, where, without these opportunities the innate gifts and dreams of a many a talent would never be discovered or reach their full potential.

This was not an idea that sprang out of a corporate strategy. For MAS, it was elemental though paradoxical for a corporate. Sport requires acceptance of failure which is a concept that many struggle with, it defies the norms and the metrics of corporate success. MAS has however never been restricted by convention.

With the turn of the millennium, MAS took daring steps to inculcate sports into its cultural DNA. Today, with over 150 sportsmen and sportswomen recognised both on the national and international platforms in over 20 different sports; MAS has proven that the strategic merger of corporate culture and sports is not only possible but it also vital for success and survival in global business. In the backdrop of a culture which believes that the woman's role revolves around that of caregiver MAS encourages strong and confident women, proud of their role in society and in the workplace. Women are supported and encouraged to push through both cultural and societal barriers using sport as a platform. At MAS this has also included unconventional sporting disciplines such as boxing and fencing, considered unorthodox for women in Sri Lanka.

This level of inclusion in sport has opened up opportunities for all of MAS' employees. The opportunity to work beside these elite sportsmen and sportswomen who have beaten the odds, to be part of various sporting activities and witness champions in the making is an invaluable and unique opportunity that every employee receives at MAS. More recently, we have also extended our focus to para athletes.

What has worked for MAS is the determination to be different, and to make a difference.

Sport enhances a spirit in individuals that refuses to bow down to defeat. They accept it, but get up the next day and fight again. This is the attitude MAS has instilled not only in its sporting champions, but also in its workforce, never to give in, but to believe in themselves, to live as champions. It is a character that permeates across MAS. A celebration of courage and determination, building legends in sports and life.