The ZDHC is a global group of apparel and footwear brands that are committed to protecting the planet by reducing the industry's chemical footprint across the value chain. MAS joined this collaboration in 2017 and was the first Sri Lankan manufacturer to commit towards the ZDHC journey. Our mission to achieve zero toxicity has ensured that we continue to deliver our ZDHC goals. Today, MAS is represented on the Board of Directors of the ZDHC initiative.

We expanded our chemical management strategy to include our supply chain, basing our framework on three critical focus areas- input, process, and output. We use safer chemicals in all our operations, ensuring that the input stream management is aligned with creating a safer environment. The chemicals used in our processes are managed correctly and disposed of responsibly within our facilities. We strictly adhere to the ZDHC Chemical Gateway, our own MAS Environmental Calibration Tool, SAC's Higg's Facility Environmental Module (FEM), and the ZDHC Wastewater Guideline to benchmark chemical usage in our input, process and output.