In 2018, MAS and the Sri Lanka Air Force pioneered seed bombing in our first attempt at aerial reforestation. On the back of its success, we launched a second wave of approximately 135,000 seed balls which were dropped from helicopters over 60 acres of land inside the Lahugala forest in Ampara, Sri Lanka.

Along with the Sri Lanka Forest Department, the ideal location, an inaccessible land area where the seeds had stronger chances of survival, given the soil composition in the dry zone was carefully selected. Seeds of 5 types of the native trees were identified and sourced, namely Aralu, Non, Gal Siyambala, Siyamabala, Goda Kirilla and Maila. Aerial reforestation is a unique defense against deforestation explored by MAS, one which encourages the growth of new vegetation at an impressive scale. This efficient and cost-effective solution brings inaccessible terrain within reach for reforestation efforts and the continued sustenance of plant life.