​Our Women Go Beyond programme has transformed women's empowerment from a movement into a way of life. The programme is structured to create a holistic impact on every facet of a woman’s life and constitutes efforts across all levels of the organisation. Our goals are tied to empowering 100% of women on our factory floor; focusing on reproductive health and rights, skill development, support to combat gender based violence and promoting career advancement; to reaching a target of 30% women in management by 2025. We believe that women must have the ability to compete equally, enjoy the freedom to make choices and a have a voice in decision making within our organisation and outside.

​Women Go Beyond encompasses leadership development, reproductive health and rights, addressing gender based violence in the workplace and in the community and sensitization on stereotypes and biases.

Our support extends beyond the workplace, because we believe that empowered leaders are essential, for our businesses and our communities. This much lauded programme has created a paradigm shift within the global apparel industry. We don't stop at dreaming of an equal world, we are changemakers who have been busy building that reality.