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  • Our Purpose

    To be changemakers - enabling dreams and enriching the fabric of life on our planet.

  • Our Vision

    We see a day when we clothe the world with possibility, our people and partners realise their dreams and sustainability is woven into the fabric of our industry.

  • Our Mission

    • We inspire our PEOPLE to change the world for good.

    • We innovate PRODUCTS that are human-centred and sustainable.

    • We build PARTNERSHIPS to excel and achieve ambitious profitable growth, together.

  • Our Values


    We continuously grow and know we can always do better.


    We do the right thing by people and the planet.


    We honour the value of every human being.


    We believe in the pursuit of perfection.


    We are challengers and changemakers for good.


    We take personal responsibility for designing our destiny.


    We are all in this together.


Trischel is the warp and circular knit fabric operation of MAS. It manufactures a range of Tricot and Raschel fabrics as well as circular knits, specialising in fine gauge and functional fabrics that are utilised in garments from lingerie to swimwear and sportswear. Trischel’s offering ranges from 32g, 36g and 40g Tricot and 50g circular knit fabrics including luxurious, soft fabrics as well as performance enhancing high modulus fabric solutions. Trischel is unique in its operations as it is a fully vertically integrated operation with the latest technology from warping of yarn to knitting, dyeing and finishing of the fabric all under one roof. This makes Trischel the only one of its kind in South Asia serving a global clientele.


Stretchline Group

The Stretchline Group is a three way joint venture between Brandot International, Charnwood Elastics UK and MAS. The Stretchline Group specialises in the design and manufacture of elastics for a wide spectrum of clothing. Stretchline’s offering ranges from knitted, woven, jacquard and printed elastics, including patented products such as Fortitube bra-wire casing, Locksafe ravel-free elastic; Stay4sure silicone coated narrow fabrics, Bondelast and Fit-J elastics. Stretchline serves a global clientele from five manufacturing operations across Sri Lanka, Indonesia, China, Honduras, Mexico andfrom its marketing offices in the USA, UK and Hong Kong.



Textprint Lanka is a fully owned operation of MAS and is the only operation in South Asia that has state of the art synthetic fabric printing technology alongside cotton and lace printing technology. Textprint offers the latest technology in flatbed, rotary and high speed digital printing with a unique capability in combining foil, ink, burnout, glitter and textured designs. Textprint is uniquely integrated with its own design and development team and CAD operations to screen engraving, steaming, washing, finishing, lace splitting and scalloping. The Textprint operation is located in Sri Lanka and serves a clientele across the globe.


Prym Intimates

Prym Intimates is a joint venture between the Stretchline Group and Prym Intimates Group PLC of Germany. Prym is a total accessory solutions provider for the intimate apparel and swimwear sectors and completes the integrated supply chain of MAS for the intimate and swimwear business. Prym Intimates maintains a delicate balance between style, comfort and durability in its design and manufacturing process. Ultrasonically sealed shoulder straps, hook and eye tapes, patented SoftSeal hook and eyes, innovative 3D bra wire solutions, PET coated and galvanised underwire, rings and slides, bows and motifs are all part of the product portfolio of Prym Intimates. The manufacturing operations of Prym Intimates are spread between Sri Lanka and China with its sales offices in Germany, USA and Hong Kong supporting an international client base.


Noyon Lanka

Noyon Lanka is a joint venture operation between MAS and Noyon Dentelles, France, which is an organisation with over a century of industry experience. This venture gives MAS the ability to manufacture intricate lace using Jacquardtronic, Textronic and Raschel technologies. Also supported by a 100 year old design archive, Noyon launches 600 designs annually across various types of lace including multi way stretch, high tenacity and engineered lace fabric. Noyon Lanka is the only knitted lace manufacturer in South Asia and works closelywith clients globally to design and create customised lace fabric that are functional and “fit for purpose” in the final garment.