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Empowering people is the heart of the MAS learning culture.

The MAS learning culture is founded on our core belief in passion for excellence, driven by continuous learning, valuing and nurturing the potential of each individual to enhance talent, knowledge and performance. As a people-intensive business, we put great emphasis on the skills and motivation of all our associates. Our process of continuous learning empower our associates from the factory floor to the boardroom to challenge the status quo, to express their ideas, present their innovative thinking and make decisions to motivate and inspire our pursuit of excellence. This vision has led us to build a world-class team and pioneer revolutionary production methods, products, designs and plant facilities within MAS.

MAS invests significantly in learning and development. We aim to attract, develop and retain our associates, to succeed today and in the future by helping them to develop professionally and personally, protecting and promoting their health, safety and well-being and recognising and rewarding their performance.

The operational empowerment within MAS goes beyond the necessity of today. It encompasses the infinite possibilities of tomorrow. It has created an environment where our associates see every possibility as an opportunity to improve themselves, what they do and how they lead their lives. Our beliefs in diversity and inclusion further enables this. For instance, our women empowerment program has no parallel in this region of the world and has been recognized for its efforts by the United Nations.

Where there is a challenge, there is opportunity, and we leverage on it to spur empowerment within MAS. It drives our faith in people that they will champion the vision of MAS Holdings and our conviction, Change is courage.