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MAS Lean Enterprise


MOS - the MAS Operating System; defines how we work at MAS and it outlines how Lean Principles are integrated into the manufacturing process at MAS. MOS is a philosophy built on continuous improvement and respect for people. It has empowered our teams at all work levels to believe; that there is always a 'better way of working', build sustainable process and kept the MAS family closely knit to each other against all odds.

Adopted from the proven Toyota Production System (TPS); it is customized to the requirements of MAS and has become the life blood that has created a culture that will stand the test of times.

With over a decade in existence, MOS gradually progressed from its' core focus on the manufacturing floor to encompass the entire value stream of operations and evolved as MAS Lean Enterprise. This in return; has enabled MAS to offer the true benefits of Lean Thinking & Practices to a wider community that also includes its employees, customer and the business partners. Furthermore, MOS has enabled MAS to become a more agile & responsive corporate citizen that could face any dynamic business environment and nurtured a more engaged workforce.

Collaborative problem solving is our way of life; eliminating waste in a sustainable manner is our edge over competition - all these we strive to achieve with our enabled and empowered workforce that dreams on driving MAS towards its pursuit of excellence