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Global executives who strive for excellence, able to relate to all stakeholders in their own context. They believe that "impossible is nothing". Becoming a world-class organization or participating in the Olympics is a reality that is possible as a Sri Lankan, as an associate of MAS.

They possess a can-do attitude and resilience to keep moving themselves and the organization forward. He/she has a high level of integrity and commitment to the organization. A positive attitude which aligns to the driven MAS organizational culture. They live the MAS values and, through action, inspire others to do so as well.

A work ethic that aligns with our organizational values, and of course ability to bat, bowl and field. All-rounders who are not afraid to be thrown in the deep end. They have a desire to perform which is as important as the ability to perform, with a will that is stronger than the skill.

They are authentic and real, connecting with people by having a genuine interest in them as individuals. They always have a vision, and work towards a cause. They are able to communicate a compelling vision and motivate teams to achieving stretch goals.

Humble enough to know that we continue to learn and evolve, and respecting diversity for the rich experience and varying points of view it brings to the equation. A continuous improvement mind-set coupled with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Forward thinking and in tune with customer needs, but also able to judge the pulse of team members and community.

Dream of a great future for themselves, for their families, the company, communities and for our country; but also works towards this.

Conscientious about environmental sustainability at an individual and organization level, they live the green habit. People who take ownership for their own destinies, interwoven with that of the organization. They always believe that Sri Lanka can and work towards becoming best-in-class in all they do.