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MAS Design develops world class apparel solutions by leveraging synergies across its global design network. This has allowed us to position ourselves as a forerunner in the global apparel industry.

The strategic locations of the MAS Design and Development centres, in Hong Kong, UK, USA and Sri Lanka, gives the these design teams the unique advantage of being well aligned with consumer needs as well as sourcing partners. Positioned in close proximity to its global customer portfolio, the MAS Design team network operates in collaboration with its customers to develop concepts in line with Brand requirements. Design aesthetic and technology remain key features of MAS’ designs, enabling us to create high fashion lingerie, making us the preferred vendor for some of the world’s leading Brands in the fashion arena.

Leveraging its vertically integrated supply chain and strategic sourcing partnerships MAS Design incorporates technology and innovation in the raw material development process.

The sourcing arm of MAS Design is closely linked with the concept development process, enabling the seamless integration to product development. Fully leveraging MAS’ technical and garment engineering expertise the teams then commence product sampling, which culminates in the manufacturing process, developed to maximise efficiency and quality.

From expanding and perfecting its sourcing capabilities primarily from Hong Kong, to remaining up to date on the latest global design trends and nurturing customer relationships from the UK and USA, to being the beacon of synergy from Sri Lanka; the MAS design operation is seamless and relentless in achieving excellence in the execution of world class product designs.