A B2B brand is giving us a reason to celebrate feminine health & wellness

There is a growing buzz around women’s health, finally. And for brands that want to remain relevant and woke, it is time to back the right cause. For MAS, this subject is all too familiar, and they are working round the clock to shift this space from conversation into action through innovative solutions designed for women.

The MAS team developing intelligent fem-health solutions is femography ; and these cool kids cover women’s health needs across all stages of their biological journey, from the first period and the dreadful cramps that come with it, to the baby bump months and mummy years, right up until the hot flushes of menopause. It is a bumpy road, but with the right apparel it can be a much ‘smoother flow’.

That’s not it, though. The transition that femography is driving from disposables to reusables in feminine clothing while trying to reduce its environmental impact, is the cherry on top. Here is a manufacturer that offers lifestyle and functional solutions for women, that are (bless their soul) sustainable.

Starting off as early as 2014, Femtech by MAS, as they were known before, set out to address issues surrounding period leaks and absorbency. Evidently, there was so much more to women’s wellness than that.

Today, MAS’ revamped B2B brand, femography, continues to explore the mystery and magic of the female body, innovating apparel technology to meet the need for hygienic, comfortable and reusable solutions that boost female health, confidence and comfort. Their products are backed by the latest research and three decades of industry expertise. MAS manufactures world-class apparel for the big wigs like NIKE, VS, Lululemon and Gap to name a few, so we know that they know what they are doing.

Helping the New York-based global startup, THINX , to upscale its portfolio with MAS’ reusable period underwear and daring to address menopausal taboos by launching MAS’ B2C brand ‘Become’ show MAS’ big-time contributions to feminine health and wellness. The brand ‘Become’ by the way, is a revolutionary first in apparel technology for menopause symptoms. Those experiencing it will know just how much it means to have clothing that eases hot flushes and night sweats.

In essence, femography carries knowledge from the past into a dynamic future. ‘fem’ speaks to the world of inclusive women, and ‘graphy’ speaks to the desire for knowledge to understand the feminine world, and beyond.

A dedicated team of professionals and apparel tech experts at femography are keen to research on vulvas, periods, breastfeeding, hot flushes and pain, and innovate solutions that make it all a lot easier to experience. For anyone still living under a rock, femography will openly speak about these ‘alleged’ taboos, educating men, women and everyone in between about what is normal and natural for half of the world’s population.

The time to reverse toxic and dated culture is now; and femography is already on it, breaking taboos and crafting intelligent solutions addressing all stages of the feminine life cycle, from menarche to menopause.

The legacy of MAS began with an opportunity centred on fulfilling a femme-focused need, which is the humble bra. With 30 years of experience under the belt, MAS is now a US$2 billion apparel-tech conglomerate setting industry benchmarks for sustainable and ethical manufacturing. Collaborating with the world’s leading brands, MAS is nurturing partnerships that have and will continue to change the course of the apparel industry in the years to come.